Richland Youth Association

RYA Basketball Fall 2019


Welcome to the 2019 Basketball Registration with Richland Youth Association!

Payment Options

PAY ONLINE IN FULL:  Submit total fees online today upon conclusion of this registration session via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account.

Registration Fee: $135.00

PAYMENT PLAN:  Submit $67.50 today and an automatic with drawal of $33.75 will be deducted on Nov. 2nd and Dec. 7th . 

PAY OFFLINE IN FULL(Password Protected): Submit total fees upon conclusion of this registration session offline via check. Offline payment options are also available – further offline payment details are outlined on the receipt page.  If you choose this option you will need to contact RYA personnel in charge of the sport you are registering for to pay in person. You will not be able to log back into the site to pay at a later date.  Registration fees apply for the time of payment, not for the time of registering. If payment is not made by registration end date, the unpaid registration will be void and your player will not be added to any roster/draft form.  

Ben Earley

Phone: (817) 656-4004